Motivo Rooms in Kastro Sifnos Island

Motivo Kastro_Sifnos

Welcome to Kastro, the historic village of Sifnos that used to be the island’s capital in the ancient times.

Walking around its narrow streets, your mind will travel to other times. Ancient columns integrated into houses, Venetian blazons over the doors, narrow-façade houses, one next to the other and white churches with blue domes compose an unreal scenery. If you take the peripheral path, the view to the Aegean Sea is unique and you will have the chance to take photos of the small church of the Seven Martyrs (Efta Martyres), which looks like it is floating in the sea.

In the village of Kastro, there is a mini market, a bakery, café-bars and restaurants where you can taste the local cuisine and many more dishes. Here you will also find one of the most famous bars of Sifnos, with a fascinating view to the Aegean Sea.

At the entrance of the settlement of Kastro there are the Rooms of Patmos. You can see the exact location of the rooms on the map.

Motivo Kastro_Sifnos